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About Studio

Anantbodh Yoga & Aikido Studio is featuring a dynamic, challenging style of yoga that will help you lead a happier, healthier and more productive life. When you combine ancient yoga traditions with breathing, moving and meditation, it brings a new awareness and awakens you to a deeper connection to yourself and others. In every class you will experience strength, flexibility, and endurance training.

Anantbodh Yoga & Aikido Studio is the first studio in Jonava, Lithuania for learning Yoga & Aikido both together. Our courses are based on ancient wisdom of Vedic heritage. We teach how to be healthy without medicine through yoga, nature cure & sports. We provide spiritual counselling also.

We have completed 12 years of dedicated service in the field of Yoga education, research, training, therapy and teaching. Our rich experience in public speaking, conducting seminars, conferences, workshops,  have added another dimension in  life for its growth and progress. The regular individual/group counseling, guidance and meditation sessions to people from diverse fields i.e. executives, engineers, bureaucrats, students, diplomats, ambassadors for the management of common diseases, personal, professional and social maladjustments , spiritual awakening have enriched deeper understanding about the problems and sufferings that human race is suffering in modern world. The deeper understanding of Yoga, its different schools of thoughts, mental disciplines and meditations from different traditions, clear easy and simple approach for indepth understanding of mind, brain and their evolution has brought many individuals and groups nearer to us. The creative, innovative approach, integration of ancient and modern wisdoms for all round development of human race always reflects in our teachings and guidance. Till date more than 5000 people received guidance, practical sessions on meditation  and solutions of their problems.

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