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Aikido, as we approach it, is more about personal development, movement awareness, and energy awareness. You’ll see gains in your fluidity, balance, coordination, gracefulness, presence, stamina, and physical efficiency. We generally go home grinning. It’s a lot of fun, and the skills and growth you achieve through Aikido training will serve you in many other areas of your life.
Ai- Harmony, Unity or to Join.
Ki- Universal creative energy.
Do- The path.
An incredible Japanese movement art, Aikido – “the Way of Harmony with Energy” – is not about punching, kicking, and fighting. It’s about blending harmoniously with conflicts of all types. Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei was founder of Aikido.

Through gentle, smooth, clear movement, we learn how to use our bodies efficiently, effectively, and joyously. Aikido is not about muscle or speed. It’s a flowing, fluid, highly aware interaction. We learn to move well. Aikido resolves conflicts through blending, leading, and non-resistance. It’s not about fighting. We gently steer the attacker’s own force and intent to “help them go where they want to go.” Aikido develops your ability to be calm, centered, and effective in the midst of conflict. Joy is common. Injuries are rare. Women are not at a disadvantage in this art.

Aikido training is to challenge yourself, not the other. You will develop confidence by facing your fears and negative fighting spirit will become creative fighting spirit. The stress and pressure of serious Aikido training bring this spirit to the surface, exposing it so that can be examined and refines in a controlled atmosphere of respect and mutual study. Discovering your physical limitations will cause you to reflect on deepest meaning of harmony and conflict, and to strive for a level of consciousness above the selfish ego, closer to a universal consciousness.

Aikido is not a sport. It is a discipline, an educational process for training the mind, body and soul. Physical technique is not the final objective, but a tool for personal refinement and spiritual growth. The correct attitude of respect, sincerity and modesty and the proper atmosphere are essential to learning process. And as Aikido is a martial way, they are essential to the safety of each individual. The following rules are necessary to maintenance of this atmosphere and vital to study of Aikido.

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