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Anantbodh Yoga Retreats

Residential Anantbodh Yoga Retreats – Hardwar, India

We welcome to Shri Matrichaya Gurukulam located on the banks of Mother Ganga. We offer a haven for devotees and seekers of all faiths and nationalities. If you’re interested in peace, spiritual practice, Seva or pilgrimage, you’ll find yourself at home in our humble ashram.

Shri Matrichaya Gurukulam was founded by Swami Sharad Puri ji. Accommodation is available for those who come for spiritual practice, meditation, selfless service, holy pilgrimage and to quench their thirst to know their true Self. Guests are welcome to participate, as they wish, in the various cultural, educational and spiritual activities of the ashram. Rooms are simple and comfortable with modern attached bath and hot water. Being an ashram, the service we provide is basic but hearty and warm.

Shri Matrichaya Gurukulam is newly constructed three – story building, spacious, secure and comfortable. They are set in a quiet peaceful location, large private grounds nestled under a hillside with lots of greenery, natural bush land and trees. Each room has two bedrooms with suite which are serviced daily. Each room has a sprawling common – use lounge area. The Gurukulam are strictly non – smoking.

Our kitchen is vegetarian and uses the freshest local produce. Our meals are served buffet style with plenty of variety and wonderful flavors! Meals include western & Indian cuisine. Our food is always fresh healthy and a big hit on our retreats! Our restaurant is run to the highest standards, all our food is washed in filtered water and prepared with the strictest of hygiene standards. We do our best to serve you as an honored guest in our humble ashram home. We have only nominal charges for rooms. We don’t charge for food but we do accept donations according to your means to allow us to continue the work we are doing. Come join us as we individually and together strive to live life from the heart and in devotion to the Absolute


Swimming pool

Vegetarian Dining Room

24 hour security

Safety deposit facilities

Free Internet

Laundry service.

24 taxi and scooter hire and tour bookings by local providers.

Shri Matrichaya Gurukulam is located in the foothills of Himalayas. The holy Ganges is close by (about 10 minutes walking distance from our Gurukulam) Hardwar is holy city and main attraction of whole world. Here you will find a variety of restaurants serving delicious and very affordable Indian and international food, several internet shops, an ATM, Ayurveda Clinic, Doctor service, small general stores, money exchange, travel agents and not least, an abundance of street side vendors selling all you need for clothing and gifts.<http://anantbodhyoga.com/our-tradition/–more–>

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