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Anantbodh Yoga the eternal tradition

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The ancient India concentrated upon the inner treasure rather than outer treasure of life. The ancient India for about 10000 years experimented, experienced and validated the science of consciousness or spirituality or the on the discovery of self or real self and bought remarkable understanding of mind, brain and consciousness. The science since then experimented, experienced and validated by hundreds of people at different intervals in Indian History. The science became household name in India during ancient days and the time came when this science lost its vigor and vitality as many people started preaching it without the relevant experience and expertise so much so that one aspect of this science had become too much notorious as it used many miracles, black magic and other foul means to earn reputation, prestige and recognition.

But the tradition still continues in the life of Indians who may not know the meaning and relevance of these practices but all came from rich tradition of yoga which asserts the way of living in LEAP and also in health, harmony and happiness. The truth of this tradition lies in the fact that the moment you ask any Indian about spirituality, you will find him or her knowing and capable of understanding it with reference to any actions of life whether it is mind, emotions, actions, daily life actions, eating, walking intellect etc.

Any practice begins with some tools with fair understanding but after sometime the practice super cedes the concept and it becomes the tradition. It continues till it is replaced by other higher and advanced tool or understanding or practices. Many people have tried many means to get the real peace, harmony and stress free life but at last they look to yoga to bring deeper understanding of life, mind and emotions and also of soul or pure consciousness. Yoga has been widely accepted in the west proves my saying that it has deeper understanding, concept and philosophy that you will not find in the west or western philosophy.

This tradition still present in India in many forms and I would like to draw your attention to those facts. A person may be totally illiterate or ignorant about the word yoga but him or her in aware of one or the other forms or practice of yoga consciously or unconsciously. Let us see some of these aspects so that I can lead you to deeper concept of yoga. You all know singing for enjoyment, excitement, money and many other reasons but how many of you really know and practice sound for transplanting noble thoughts in infants when he has no way to understand what you are conveying to him or her. Here comes the one of deeper aspects of yoga that had shown the way as how sound and what kind of sound have influence on the psyche of human mind so that when one grows up, one grows up with good and refined impressions that avoids conflicts, violence, stress etc.  Many women in India practice this concept of yoga even though they are totally illiterate and may be totally ignorant about yoga. That is what I call a tradition. Similarly with singing used for making the child sleep is known as Lori singing that a mother often sings for her child when the child do not sleep. The singing is also used for transcending the mind and taking one to transcendental consciousness that is full of  love, energy, awareness and peace.

You can live in perfect rhythm with nature by getting up at right time eating at a particular time and doing a particular activity at particular time so that all levels of being all balanced and act in harmony.

There is deeper aspect to this concept by which I can even tell you when you should go for sex to have son or a daughter but I have totally dedicated myself for spiritual development that calls for a greater understanding of yourself for stress management and holistic development for harmony, success and health and integration in life and society.

There is Book known as Rgveda in that there is a mention of Surya Namaskar. This surya namaskar is the first ever exercise system known to the world as old as 10000 years. This surya Namaskar is total practice that can bring about physical health, mental transformation and spiritual realization. It has twelve components with physical, mental and breathing movements and can be done within fifteen minutes but learning takes about three to four months as it demands higher level of awareness and attention of one’s boy, emotion, mind and breathing.

Holistic means whole and also holy. It literally means one and only one unitary consciousness as well. When you practice yoga you evolve to a level where you can realize one and only one consciousness in all material and living that holds all and is present in all. This holistic concept and its realization alone can bring oneness and unity and peace and happiness in human race.

Yoga is for everyone. You need not be an expert or at the peak of physical fitness to practice the asanas. The strain of modern life can lead to physical pain and illness, as we neglect our bodies in the race for material success. The stress of modern life can also lead to mental suffering: feelings of inadequacy, isolation, or powerlessness. Yoga helps to integrate the mental and the physical plane, bringing about a sense of inner and outer balance, or what I term alignment. True alignment means that the inner mind reaches every cell and fiber of the body.

I have observed that some students pay attention only to the physical aspect of yoga. Their practice is like a fast-flowing stream, tumbling and falling, which lacks depth and direction. By attending to the mental and spiritual side, a sincere student of yoga becomes like a smoothly flowing river which helps to irrigate and fertilize the land around it. Just as one cannot dip into the same river twice, so each and every asana refreshes your life force with new energy.

My effort has been to focus on techniques, so that even the beginner will have a thorough understanding of how to practice asanas in order to obtain the maximum benefit. By using a few simple props, students with different capabilities can gradually build up strength, confidence, and flexibility without the threat of strain or injury. The yoga techniques can also help those with specific ailments. Regular practice builds up the body’s inner strength and natural resistance, helps to alleviate pain, and tackles the root, rather than the symptoms, of the problem. Across the world, there is now a growing awareness that alternative therapies are more conducive to health than conventional ones. May yoga’s blessing be on all of you!

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