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E Library

यह eLibrary है, इसमें कई सौ अमूल्य ग्रंथों के PDF हैं, ताकि यह ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों के काम आ सकें, देश धर्म संबंधी अमूल्य पुस्तकें इन लिंक में संग्रहीत हैं, आप विषय देखकर लिंक खोलें तो बहुत सी पुस्तकें मिलेंगी, सभी पुस्तकें आप निशुल्क download कर सकते हैं, इन लिंक्स की किताबें दो साल…

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Coming Soon

Anantbodh Yoga is going to open our another New Yoga Studio in Kaunas in September 2017! Don’t miss the updates on our grand Opening “like” our Facebook page follow along as we prepare to open our door. Our Yoga classes in Jonava at our Anantbodh Yoga Studio will be continued also. Call us for Registration…

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Nuo Rugsėjo 1d. ANANTBODH JOGA IR AIKIDO STUDIJA Jonavoje pradeda nauja sezoną!!! AIKIDO – savigynos kovos menas. Čia protas treniruojamas per fizinį kūną. Praktiniu požiūriu, aikido yra daugelį tradicinių japoniškų kovos menų sintezė, ir yra visiškai sukomplektuota sistema veiksmingų savigynos būdų prieš tiek beginklius ir ginkluotus užpuolikus. Aikido plėtoja ne tik kūną, bet ir dvasią…

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The secret of spiritual practices (Upasana)

Upasana” is a Sanskrit word. The word Upasana includes three parts – up+aas  +yuch . “Up” is a prefix “aas” is root of verb and “Yuch” is an anafix. It means the devotee’s mental unity with the deity for a long period. The synonyms of word Upasana are meditation, Sadhana, Aradhana etc. Accordingly three things…

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Tri Bandhas in Yoga

Bandha, meaning ‘to lock’. These locks are used to hold or direct the energy towards inner higher growth. These Bandhas are special postures that are adapted to conserve and make use of the cosmic reserves of Prana generated by the Advanced Breathing exercises. They not only prevent the excess of Prana, but also enable you to regulate…

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