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Dojo Rules

Our Dojo Rules

  1. Its spirituality comes from the founder of Akido; it is the place where His teachings are perpetuated. It is the responsibility of all students to act as attached to those teachings and in a suitable manner.
    It is the responsibility of all students to work together in a constructive environment formed of harmony and respect.
    3. Cleanliness is the active prayer of gratefulness. It is the responsibility of all students to participate in cleaning the dojo and to clean their own minds and hearts.
    4. Using the dojo outside specified training hours without the Sensei’s permission is forbidden.
    5. Technique cannot be bought. Monthly payments offer the opportunity of thanking for the training space and the lessons given to you.
    6. Respect the founder and the teachings transmitted by your Sensei. Respect the dojo, your training tools and each other.

Dojo Etiquette

  1. Salute standing when entering and exiting the training area of the dojo.
    Salute towards the shomen when entering and exiting the tatami.
  2. Respect the training tools. The Gi (dojo clothes) must be clean and folded. The weapons must be in good condition and at their places when not used.
  3. Never use another’s Gi or weapons.
  4. A few minutes before the lesson you must have warmed up and must be waiting at the formal seating, meditating to clear your mind of the day’s problems.
  5. It is important to come to the lesson on time and attend the opening ceremony. If you could not avoid being late, sit formally near the tatami until the Sensei gives you a sign of permission. Entering the tatami, sit down silently and salute.
  6. The only correct way to sit on the tatami is seiza (formal seating). If you have a knee injury or disability, you can sit cross-legged, but never sit stretching your legs, reclining or leaning your back.
  7. Do not leave the tatami other than in case of injury or sickness.
  8. Sit silently and carefully in the formal manner while the Sensei is demonstrating a technique during the lesson. After the demonstration salute the Sensei and a partner and immediately start working.
  9. When the end of a technique is indicated stop immediately, salute your partner and get in a line with the other students.
  10. Never remain idle on the tatami. You must be training or waiting for your turn in seiza.
  11. If you need to ask the Sensei a question, go up to him and salute him standing. Never call the Sensei to your side.
  12. While receiving personal instruction sit in seiza and watch carefully. Salute formally when the Sensei has finished. If someone close to you is receiving instruction you may stop working and listen. While observing sit in seiza and when finished salute formally.
  13. Respect those who are more experienced than you are. Never enter a discussion on the technique.
  14. Respect those who are less experienced than you are. Do not try to assert your thoughts on them.
  15. If you understand the movement and your partner does not, you may help them with the technique.

However, unless you have obtained permission to do so, never correct their mistakes or give them instruction.

  1. Minimise speaking on the tatami. Aikido is experience.
  2. Finger and toenails must be trimmed. The feet must be clean. Shoes and slippers may never be worn on the tatami.
  3. During the lesson it is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke etc. on or off the tatami.
  4. All kinds of accessories including rings and earrings are forbidden during the lesson.
  5. Never consume alcoholic beverages while you are wearing your gi.
  6. Please do not feel bad if you are warned about etiquette, as they are important for your safety and your learning experience.

Rules Applying to Observers

  1. Sit respectfully, do not put your legs up or stretch.
    Do not speak to anyone on the tatami during the lesson.
    3. Do not speak or walk about while the Sensei is demonstrating or explaining something or during the opening and closing ceremonies.

Training Rules

  1. It is compulsory to respect the Sensei’s (teacher – leader) management of the lesson. Receive your instructions on training, perform them sincerely and in the best way you can.
    Not using the Aikido technique to harm others or to reveal your ego is the moral responsibility of each student. It is a tool to ensure the individual’s character development and a better community.
    3. There shall be no clash of egos on the tatami. Aikido is not street fight. You are on the tatami to educate and cleanse your aggressive reactions and to gain the samurai spirit by discovering your social responsibility.
    4. There shall be no competition on the tatami. The objective of Aikido is not that you fight and defeat a foe, but to fight and defeat your own aggressive instincts.
    5. The strength of Aikido is not in physical strength but in flexibility, timing, control and sobriety. Be aware of the limitations of your body.
    6. Each has different physical abilities and reasons for education. These must be respected. True Aiki is the appropriate and flexible application of the technique that is fitting to the chancing circumstances. Not injuring yourself or your training partner is your responsibility.
    7. There shall be no power conflict in the dojo. Dojo membership is a family, and Aikido’s secret is harmony.

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