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Homa Therapy ( Agnihotra)

Homa Therapy is the basic and fundamental form of ‘Agnihotra’. Its regular practice bestows prosperity, good health and mental peace.Agnihotra is the process of purification of the atmosphere & the self. The fire prepared in a copper pyramid, at the time of sunset and sunrise couple of mantras are chanted and whole grains are offed into the fire. Phenomenal explosion of divine energies occur. This energy release happens because of the combination of the following five.
1. Pyramid: The shape and makeup of the copper Agnihotra pot is scientific.
2. Rice: Whole grains of rice may be used for offering.
3. Ghee: (Also known as clarified butter); Made from unsalted cow’s butter.
4. Cow dung: Dried chunks or pieces of cow dung. Cow dung is treated or used for Scandinavians, East or West Europeans, Africans or Asians.
5. Mantra: Mantra is a very powerful voice/thought combination that is projected and interacts in the entire Agnihotra process. This explosion reverberates in the entire universe immediately.
By practice of Agnihotra one begins to experience peace and harmony within & around oneself.
Smear few cow dung chips with ghee and arrange them in the Agnihotra pyramid. Mix about a teaspoon full of rice with a small amount of ghee and keep them aside. Start the fire few minutes before sunrise/sunset time.
While chanting the mantra offer the rice smeared with ghee (just enough that one can hold in the tip of five fingers) at the utterance of ‘Swaaha’ in the fire. There are only two offerings at Sunset or Sunrise each in the Agnihotra fire.
At Sunset:
Chant 1st mantra:
“Agnaye Swaáhá – Agnaye Idam Na Mama”  ॐ अग्नये स्वाहा । इदं अग्नये इदं न मम॥
(Offer 1st offering when saying ‘Swaaha‘)
Chant 2nd mantra:
“Prajápataye Swaáhá – Prajápataye Idam Na Mama” ॐ प्रजापतये स्वाहा । इदं प्रजापतये इदं न मम॥ 
(Offer 2nd offering when saying ‘Swaaha’)
At Sunrise:
Chant 1st mantra:
Sooryáya Swáahá – Sooryáya Idam Na Mama ॐ सूर्याय स्वाहा । इदं सूर्याय इदं न मम॥
(Offer 1st offering when saying ‘Swaaha’)
Chant 2nd mantra:
“Prajápataye Swáahá – Prajápataye Idam Na Mama” ॐ प्रजापतये स्वाहा । इदं प्रजापतये इदं न मम॥
(Offer 2nd offering when saying ‘Swaaha‘)
Now repeat this process daily morning with Sunrise Mantra and evening with Sunset Mantra.
The entire universe pulsates with a coordinated rhythm. This rhythm synchronizes the orbits of the moon, planets, earth and sun. The earth, nature and human body responds to this natural rhythm
called the Circadian Rhythm. We human beings align and realign to this rhythm precisely at the sunset/sunrise transition point. This accord with the rhythm brings peace and wellbeing. A discord naturally produces stress, anxiety and an infinite cycle of strife & sufferings. Agnihotra is the only effective tool that we have, to produce this harmony between the mind, body, and the universe. Agnihotra is a material aid to a happy life.
An intense energy is projected from the Agnihotra pot. This energy envelops the solar system, the stratosphere and beyond. Harmful radiation & pollutants are neutralized and transformed into nourishment on a subtle level.
Agnihotra not only renews the brain cells, but purifies the whole psychosomatic man in a holistic way. Harmful radiations of all sorts are neutralized when one is in Agnihotra environment. Agnihotra realigns the nature and all pulmonary and circulatory systems and has a nourishing effect on the nature along with the nervous system. When plants are in Agnihotra environment extraordinary growth of the whole ecology along with flowers and fruits is of common happening. It is by virtue of 1) the pyramid 2) cow dung 3) ghee (clarified butter) 4) the offering 5) the mantra (just two) done precisely at the sunrise/sunset is Agnihotra.
So much more could be said, yet best when experienced first-hand and believe your own experience. Anyone can do Agnihotra, young and old irrespective of one’s faith, only to further bolster one’s faith.
We all seek love, wellbeing and fulfillment in our life; Agnihotra is a great material aid. If you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim etc., you could be a better Christian, Hindu, Muslim, hence a happier human being. Upon practice believe your experience.
If you like to arrange a workshop or like to learn advanced healing Agnihotra please contact to Yogini Anantanitya.

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