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Mudras for Better health

Mudras are symbolic or ritual gestures in Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s an ancient science based on energy of our body.  According to the Science of Mudra, the secret of good health lies in the hands, fingers and Mudras which can be performed with the help of fingers.  A particular kind of energy or Electro-Magnetic waves or the electricity of the body (aura), is continuously emitted from our hands. We can heal our self by practicing of some Mudras.  Daily practice of Mudras is an effective intervention in the treatment and management of back pain, joint pain, tinnitus, allergies and exhaustion. These Mudras do not require a dedicated place of practice, nor require any specialized equipment or resources and are easy to perform and non-inventiveness, they are a promising intervention for the treatment of a variety of health conditions. In Yoga Mudras are used in conjunction with pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), generally while seated in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana pose, to stimulate different parts of the body and mind, and to affect the flow of Prana in the body. We have five kinds of Mudras Hasta, Mana, Kaya, Bandha and Adhara Mudras.

Some Useful Mudra for better health.

After taking bath early in the morning, one should sit on an aasana (one can use a warm blanket also). If possible, one should sit in the Yogic postures: Padmasana or Sukhasana.

Inhale deeply & then exhale slowly 5-10 times. Let your mind feel peaceful & thereafter do the following Mudras using both hands. When necessary, one can do these mudra(s) at other times also.

Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

Method: Touch the index finger with the tip of the thumb. The remaining 3 fingers should remain straight.

Benefits: If one is suffering from mental problems like lack of sleep or excess of sleep, weak memory, anger etc., then this mudra is very helpful. This mudra enables one concentrate while doing meditation & prayers. One should practice this mudra for 30 minutes every day.

Vayu Mudra


Method: Bend the index finger so that it touches the soft part of the thumb. The remaining 3 fingers should remain straight.

Benefits: It is beneficial for joint pain in hands & feet, paralysis, hysteria etc. It is very beneficial to do Prana Mudra along with this mudra.

Akash Mudra



The tip of the middle finger is to be touched to the tip of the thumb in this mudra. Remaining fingers are to be kept straight but at ease.

Time Duration: – This mudra is to be practiced when needed only or a limited time.

Benefits:-It helps to develop noble & elevated thoughts.
It develops intuition and extra sensory powers (ESP)
It helps to detoxify the body by the elimination of metabolic wastes (through exhaled air, sweat, urine and stools)
It helps to overcome a feeling of fullness / heaviness in the body or body parts.
It helps to overcome discomfort caused by over-eating.
It helps to relieve congestion (and pain) in the head (due to migraine or sinusitis), ear/s (due to infection), chest (due to infection / asthma)
It helps to balance High blood pressure.
It harmonizes Irregular heart-beats.

Shunya Mudra


Method: Bend the longest middle finger so that its nail touches the soft part of the thumb. Rest of the 3 fingers should be kept straight.

Benefits: Pain in ear vanishes. If there is pus in the ears or one is not able to hear properly, then this mudra should be done for 4-5 minutes.

Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra

Method: Touch the the smallest finger (Kanishthika) with the tip of the thumb. Rest of the 3 fingers should be kept straight.

Benefits: Weakness of the body disappears & one feels rejuvenated. It helps in hair lose problems.

Surya Mudra


Method: Bend the finger next to the smallest finger (Anamika). Make the thumb touch the part of this finger above the nail.

Benefits: Excess fat of the body & laziness gets removed by doing this mudra.

Varuna Mudra

Method: Bend the middle (longest) finger so that it touches the tip of the thumb.

Let the remaining 3 fingers be straight.

Benefits: The diseases happening due to the deficiency of jal tatva (water content) like blood disorders, skin diseases, anemia etc are cured.

Prana Mudra


Method: Let the tip of the 2 corner fingers & thumb touch each other. The remaining 2 fingers should be straight.

Benefits: This mudra is the center for the energy of the Prana. It helps in keeping the body healthy. This is very helpful for curing eye diseases & reducing the number of eye-glasses (improving the eye-sight).

Linga Mudra

Ling Mudra

Method: Clasp the fingers of both the hands tightly & then make the inner thumb erect as shown in diagram.

Benefits: Increase in warmth of the body, cough & congestion disappears (kaf vanishes).

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