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Namai Pasauliui, všį 

Namai Pasauliui, všį is a recognized non-profit organization. As a non-profit, all members are dedicated to a lifetime of selfless volunteer service, helping individuals become healthier, happier and spiritual. 100% of all proceeds and donations are used towards the center’s growth and mission with no personal gain. we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other. Please join us to contribute protect the environment, improve the living conditions.

The ultimate and foremost mission of our organization is to spread the message of health, peace, and harmony in our society. Namai Pasauliui, všį was formed with a vision of a society where ancient Indian systems & Vedic knowledge can benefit all mankind irrespective of their age, origin, orientation, belief and can bring people out of materialism and exasperating environment of the modern times. Nowadays, people are leading a complex lifestyle, which is causing them to lose mental peace and health.   

The organization envisages a meaningful and sensitive society by organizing National and International events, and social awareness programs.

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