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Our Refund Policy

Anantbodh Yoga & Aikido Studio Refund Policy:

 Anantbodh Yoga & Aikido Studio values our students and respects your privacy. We collect information about you through our online registration and payment processes in an effort to improve your experience and to communicate with you regarding payments and services provided. This policy describes how we collect and use your personal information.

What Personal Information does Anantbodh Yoga & Aikido Studio Collect?

 When you register for a program or purchase a product with us, we collect your name, address, email address, telephone number and credit card information.

How do we use your email address?

We use your email to communicate all kinds of Customer Service information.

We use your email to:

Send you immediate confirmation of your order.

Send you a confirmation that we have processed a refund.

Send you information and required documents regarding your upcoming Yoga Teacher Training, Workshop or Retreat.

Additionally, we will notify you of courses and events coming up in your area. We will not sell or rent your email address to anyone.

With whom is this information shared?

 No one. We respect your privacy.

How can you update your Personal Information?

 To provide us with any updates to your personal information, please contact anantbodhyoga@gmail.com or by phone at +37062368344.

Refund Policy

Due to the residential and/or intensive nature of our Training Courses and Retreats, there is a necessary lead time we need to prepare for your participation. As such, we cannot provide full refunds after a certain point.

The refund policy is as follows:

In advance of 10 days before the program start date, a participant needing to cancel their participation will receive a full refund minus a Euros 50 administration fee and minus 3% of the total originally paid span>

Less than 10 days prior to a program, a participant needing to cancel their participation will receive a refund of only 50% of the fees paid. If the option is available they may reschedule their participation until a future course in lieu of refund, with only the 50% refund option available if future participation is also cancelled.

A participant needing to withdraw from a program, or who is asked to withdraw by the faculty after the start date, up to and including a participant having attended up to one quarter of the program length, will receive only a 25% refund. In the case of medical emergency or family emergency only, the faculty may offer the option of rescheduling participation to a future course in lieu of refund.

No refund will be paid to a student who withdraws or is asked to withdraw from a program if they have attended more than one quarter of the program.



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