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Yogini Anantanitya

Yogini Anantanitya is professional Yoga teacher and International coach of Aikido. She demonstrates techniques and methods …of exercise aerobics and meditation. She observes participants and to educate them of corrective measures, forms and alternate moves necessary to improve their soul and mind. Yogini Tanya develops and maintains positive relationships with participants to encourage class attendance and by teaching a variety of challenging and entertaining programs. She attentively listens to members, answer questions, and engage in conversation before and after classes. She always has ardent love for learning. Further, She attracted people from all over the world i.e. UK, Malta, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand. She believes in Spirituality. Yogini Anantanitya is co-founder of Anantbodh Yoga & Aikido Studio. She has over 17 year’s expertise in instructing groups and individuals in Yoga activities, Aikido.

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