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Aikido the Art of Harmony, as we approach it, is more about personal development, movement awareness, and energy awareness. It is a unique physical and spiritual development system combined practical fencing swords and spears in self-defense actions, as well as others, even older martial arts. In contrast to most other martial arts, aikido trying to assault to take and not to block it.
After the founder’s death in 1969. His son Kisshomaru Ueshiba became the II-th Aikido Dosi. At the moment Moriteru Ueshiba, the founder’s grandson, continued successful art as IIIrd Aikido Dosi. Plugged in, as a separate branch of the martial art, the Japanese government officially recognized in 1940. By creating Aikido Foundation whose purpose – to protect and promote the right of aikido ideal created and propagated by the founder. The Fund, as the World Center of aikido, aikido is a major development and development organization in the world.
The main task of aikido – mingle with the attacker’s movement and extend it by controlling and directing energy. Consistent physical activity enhances health and increase self-confidence.
The movements constituting aikido exercises and techniques, corrects posture and relieves tension and stress, focusing its attention on relaxation and breathing. Aikido movements are repeated many times, it helps to naturally calm and react in any situation.
Aikido martial arts there is no competition, because it is based on the philosophy of non-existence duel, which condemns human aggression and dueling instincts, encourage them to target the harmony and concord. Various schools of aikido Features demonstrated festivals and various levels of international, national, regional, urban and students demonstrative programs. Often, seminars, aikido camp.
Attending aikido training skill level determined by a special commission of the qualifying examination. It passed, candidates are granted appropriate plain and dan category. On average, the first category – the 6-plain – is obtained after 3-4 months of training.
Below are the quotes were selected from Ueshiba abandoned manuscripts and presentations. Here imparted founder of Aikido techniques and wisdom particle. There he left a letter for further generations. The teacher hid these texts a significant part of their knowledge. To understand this, you need to have the required amount of ki energy. Sincere people who want to comprehensively improve, can understand the hidden secrets. 1st Good technical key – sufficient to keep power in the hands of the brush, steps and bowl straight and strong. If you are centered, which means that a stable and can freely move. A natural center of it – your belly; if there concentrate your thoughts, you are destined to overcome any obstacle.
2. The technique requires four values that embodies the nature of our world. Depending on the circumstances, you have to be strong – like a diamond flexible – as Eve, nimble – as stream flow, or -like empty sky.

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