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Meditation: A step to self-actualization or total awareness of absolute reality. Meditation: A state of being. It’s a state of no mind.

Meditation: A State of Being
Meditation is a state of being in which there is choice less and effortless awareness and absence of mental activity. It is inhibited, unconditioned movement of individual consciousness in harmony with universal consciousness and transcendental consciousness. It is a non-cerebral movement and free from the conditioned brain cultivated by education, civilization society, religion, custom, dogma, belief etc. It is, thus, a transcendence of conditioning of brain and mind. It is a pure state of being, full of delight, beauty, energy, love and compassion and knowledge.
Meditation: Timeless, Thoughtless and Space less Awareness
Where there is thought, there is time and space. Thought always moves in time and space. It is a state in which past, present and future dissolves resulting into awareness of time space continuum. In fact timeless movement is the state of awareness in which there is death of mind. Meditation is the state of whole being, whole life, neither exclusively of mind and its movement, nor brain and its brain activities, nor to the body and its activities.
Meditation: A State of No Mind
Mind cannot resolve the problems created by the mind, Mind perceives, judges, plans, thinks etc. all in the field of thought. It enjoys its movement in linear fashion that again is within the structure of thoughts. Mind as such cannot live without thought so. Thought is the result of seperative action of mind into subjective and objective aspects. Mind is power of ignorance seeking for truth reaching only mental constructions and representations of it in word idea. It is not a faculty of knowledge, not an instrument of omniscience but it is a faculty for seeking of knowledge. Meditation in which all effort is made to keep the mind in abeyance so that duality is dissolved and one enters into the state of awareness of Reality.
Meditation: A Science of Living
Life is in constant flux and a manifestation of pure consciousness, which is independent of life. Life with sorrow and pleasure, success and failure etc. are many manifestations of this transcendental consciousness. To become aware to know, to dwell, to be witness of consciousness that is eternal in the midst of constant flowing life is nothing but meditation. Life is full of reactions but living in present and beyond reactions is meditation.
Meditation: A Self Discovery
Everything in the world belongs to itself that’s why it is termed “Existence”. Existence means “is, “Neither” “What is” or “Why is” but this existence is overburdened with desires, sorrows, aspirations, problems, conflicts etc. The body, life and mind all have been heavily conditioned and compelled the “Existence” to remain in background.
Discovering consciously this existence which is eternal, infinite, all pervading and imposing its authority over lower nature is meditation.
Meditation: A Double transformation
Brain and mind do not function at the same level with same intensity and at the same time which creates a gulf between belief and behavior, actions and ideas and disintegrates the life, body, mind and the very existence. Mind behaves unpredictably and brain which is evolving at every moment finds difficulty in carrying out all the messages of mind as the habit mechanism dictates its terms. In order to live a life of harmony, integration, peace, bliss, creativity it is essential that brain and mind must function at same level with same intensity. Mind which is at peace, moves with affection only in silence and brain implements messages of mind with total energy, awareness and attention in which past and future melts away is a state of meditation.
Meditation: Transcendence of Triple mentality
The external movement of mind in the world disintegrates it into subjective reality, objective, reality, act of mind and occasion. To transcend this triple mentality is Meditation which is known as witness or dwelling in the state of being. Constantly & consciously going behind this triple mentality is living in choice less awareness and transcending the surface consciousness is meditation.
Meditation: Awareness of Becoming & Being
Meditation may be expressed in terms of interval between two thoughts or two experiences or two breaths, between asleep and wakefulness between conscious and unconscious states of being. This awareness of interval breaks the continuity of thought i.e. death of mind, is meditation. It is the process of ascending into timeless moment but also descending into the field of time. Awareness of timeless state is communicating with the unmanifest bringing down the attributes of this unmanifest into the field of becoming is inspired by the touch of being but this is only possible when i.e. I-ness, dissolves into the state of being.
Meditation: A State of Action in Inaction
Action means “doing which is the result of past. The past is the accumulated experiences, of not only one birth but many births. Action is the process of time which means movement of past from present to future. This movement has been created by thought so thought is the result of time. All thoughts are reactions of the past. This thought creates another thought which it names as “Thinker” but both are thoughts. As long as “thinker” remains – “all action would be only reactions because “thinker” is the creation of the past. To be aware of this “thinker” is to become aware of reaction which dispels the notion of doership and one enters into meditation. There is no “Door” but action remains in which the being moves with affection and communicate with the unknown.

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