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Mudra Therapy

Daily practice of Mudras is an effective intervention in the treatment and management of back pain, joint pain and exhaustion. Human body is an accumulation of numerous mysteries. The Creator has made it completely self-dependent. Our body has the power of remaining immune to diseases, as well as curing them. The human brain is even more efficient than the most modem computers, which can be guessed from the fact that even a research of thousands of years could not yet reveal all the mysteries of the brain. Not only are the brain, the eyes and the hands, the feet also not less than a wonder. The human body can be compared to miniature form of the universe. It represents the universe and just like the universe it is made up of the fusion of five elements – Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Space. The science of mudra is based on the principle that the root cause of disease is the imbalance and Improper coordination between these elements and the proper balance between these elements is the secret of good health.
Our body is self-dependent for proper health.

According to the Science of Mudra, the secret of good health lies in the hands, fingers and Mudras which can be performed with the help of fingers.
Human being is the best creation of Nature and hands are very important organs of the human being. A particular kind of energy or Electro-Magnetic waves or the electricity of the body (aura), is continuously emitted from our hands. In touch therapy, rubbing our palms on each other, to generate heat, combined with Touch, along with the power of mind, various parts of our body can be beautified and molded in an ideal shape and it also has a mystery five elements on the fingers reusability to cure all diseases. Acupressure Therapy is based on the fact that the key to our health lies in our hands, or in the various points of the palms of our hands. Our hands work as our body’s Health Control Department.

Origin of Mudras:-

In India, mudras are an established component of all religious activities.
The various mudras and hastas (arm poses) are significant in the depiction of Hindu gods. The mudras are just as familiar in Indian & Balinese dance.
“The hands are the bearers of important symbols, which are still universally understood in the East today. With his or her hands, the Indian dancer expresses the life of the universe. Through its variety of interpretive possibilities, the rich symbolism of the dance’s language of gestures gains a greater significance for the mind than words could express.
Mudras are also practiced in Tantric rituals. They play a large role in Buddhism, where six mudras are very familiar in the pictorial depictions of Gautama Buddha. These are very closely related to his teachings and his life. Hatha Yoga also expresses the many states of mind, such as mourning, joy, anger, and serenity, through gestures and body positions. They realize that the reverse also applies—certain gestures can positively influence the psyche.
Mudras are not only found in Asia, but they are also used throughout the entire world. In their rituals, our European ancestors certainly were familiar with specific gestures, which they used to underline and seal what they thought and wanted to say. During the Christianization of the Nordic peoples, many gestures were initially prohibited, such as invoking the gods with raised arms. Later, these gestures were partially integrated into the Christian teachings.

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