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Anantbodh Yoga is a dynamic, challenging style of yoga that will help you lead a happier, healthier and more productive life. Yoga has attracted global attention in the Modern Age of Anxiety. Every country in the world has the presence of Yoga in one form or other .Yoga is secular, knows no boundaries of race, creed and religion as every one who aspires for peace, progress and perfection does practice yoga
Since ages, yoga has been practiced for one and only one reason i.e. Self realization. The state of self realization is also known as enlightenment, witnessing one consciousness everywhere (Kavailya), that combines the discovery of inner space generally termed as spiritual consciousness (spiritual consciousness which is beyond all religions) with achievements and attainments in the outer space in terms i.e. Health, Harmony & Happiness. Peace, Prosperity and Success in our personal, professional social and spiritual lives.
Yoga is most popular because of its capacity to bring about optimum level of physical well being, flexibility, muscular strength, vitality, improved posture and blood circulation, unique ability to stretch tendons, muscles and ligaments are only few of many benefits the practitioner gets. Yoga offers a unique and holistic lifestyle, qualitative living, emotional poise, mental peace and journey to the unknown, potentials lying latent within all living beings. Yoga is fundamentally a science of living that offers means, tools and practices to live, move and act in harmony and peace, even in the midst of problems.

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