Practice that will change your life


Morning Prayer or morning awareness of consciousness beyond world

Duration-minimum 30 days and or better still if the practice is made a part of life

Time required -10-15 minutes daily when one wakes up.

Practice- every morning when you get up, offer everything that comes to you –sensations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, body, breath, works that you intend to do during the day, people you meet and relationship that you intend to build, aspirations, desires, expectations, successes and failures etc to the divine.

It is very important is to remember the divine and keep this remembrance with you throughout the day-24X7. Remember the past when you forgot the divine, resolve, and pray you will never do so again.

Transcription –

  1. The practice for previous night
  1. This practice begins with a resolution taken on the previous night. When you retire to bed the previous night, Spare 10 minutes for resolution and offering to divine.
  2. Lie down on your bed or sit up in any posture preferably with the spine and head straight and eyes closed gently. Adjust every part of body while becoming aware of the body from your toes to the top of head and vice versa. Make these mental movements 3-5 times in order to be casual, aware, attentive, comfortable and relaxed.
  3. Become aware of body –the whole body- become aware of quietness of body. Awareness and quietness of body.
  4.  Become aware of breath-ingoing and out coming breath. Feel the sensations of breath going in and coming out. Count the breath mentally – count one when the breath goes in   and count one as the breath comes out. Count the breath up to 20.
  5. Stop the counting the breath and become aware of the quietness and calmness within,.  Awareness –quietness -calmness.
  6. Go deep as deep within as possible. Become aware of the darkness within that stretches to infinity. Become aware of darkness that stretches in all directions.
  7. Resolve – mentally while maintaining awareness within- “I will wake up early in the morning, preferably before sunrise. The moment I wake up in the morning, I will become aware of divine (you may choose any God/ Goddess of your choice or you love or your emotion flows to). I will become aware of his/her presence within me, within everything I perceive in the morning and in everything. I will remember the divine at every moment, in every action and in all works that I will perform during the day.”
  1. Morning practice
  1. Become aware of the moment you wake up in the morning – a moment between sleep and wakefulness. (It will take few days when you can become aware of transitional moment –a state between sleep and wakefulness).
  2. Become aware of the sensations, emotions, feelings, and the bright sunlight filtering through the room or darkness as the case may be. Become aware of body-the whole body-the breath-ingoing and outgoing breath- the bed on which you slept- the touch of bed against your body- the space in the room-the walls of the room-the roof-the floor-the articles present in the room.
  3. Become aware of the objects in your physical environment starting with objects that are far away and gradually coming nearer. From the four walls of the room to the roof to the floor- to bed to bed sheets-the touch of bedsheets with your body- the whole body-the breath- the space within-the darkness within starches to infinity. Just become aware of nothing but the darkness within.
  4. Become aware of the quietness of the body—the   calmness of the breath- poise and peace of mind. Quietness- calmness-poise and peace alone prevails.
  5. Remember the divine that dwells within in quietness-calmness-poise and peace. Offer what you are, what you have and what you possess, what you intend to do the whole day –personal, professional, social and spiritual levels to the divine within. Offer what you want to be and what you are now. Offer all your negativities points you have the way you think, ho the way you aspire to lead life. Offer every detail of life and living.
  6. Pray for grace while becoming aware of the centre in between your eyebrows and pray for grace of Power, Light, Bliss, Peace and Knowledge to manifest in your life at every moment. Pray for grace to evolve consciously.
  7. Be quite, be calm, be aware and listen to any call that comes from within. Become aware of any sensations that spring from within.
  8. Open your eyes and start the day in Peace, poise, calmness and happiness.


  1. The Brahm Muhurta or 3 hours just before sunrise is the best period to wake up as Prana (the energy within that maintains and sustains life is also awakened in the body during this period and ready for works but with divine consciousness. For instance, if sun rises at 6.00 AM. The period of Brahm Muhruta is from 3.00AM to 6.00AM. The best period is from 3.00AM to 4.00 AM, medium is from 4.00AM to 5.00 AM and average period is from 5.00 AM to 6.00 AM.
  2. Do no try to force yourself to wake up in the best period i.e. 3.00AM as this will create revolt and resistance in the mind and you may end up sleeping throughout the day or your mood will swing frequently. However, check your fatigue level, habits and duration of sleep and try to minimise the hours of sleep by ½ to 1 hour in the first week, by resolving the previous night to wake up early in the morning
  • After practice the previous night or in the morning, experience peace, relaxation and happiness. If you do not experience relaxation and inner poise it is because your mind is not aware and your practice has been taken over by subconscious . You may have become mechanical. You might have been feeling sleepy and practicing. Please practice with Awareness and attention to get the result.
  1. If you feel like sitting with awareness and attention after Morning Prayer, continue sitting in awareness and do nothing at all. There is every possibility of receiving suggestions from the higher mind about the day’s work.
  2. What is most important is to practice with vigilance, awareness and attention in order to experience peace, poise and happiness after the practice. If you do not, analyse, as what has happened- may be thought of the past has created a block; may be your attachment has forced you to into unconsciousness.