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Shri Anant Vistar

Shri Anant Vistar is an expert on life management through spirituality. He has delivered over hundred lectures on spirituality worldwide. His novel insights and thorough understanding of religious, spiritual and scientific texts make his lectures appealing to all.
His life management philosophy is a product of his experience and expertise. His extensive lectures on Life Management with original insights on Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in the Present time attracts beginners and quenches the thirst of spiritual seekers all over India and the world.
Shri Anant Vistar has emphasise the need to live a disciplined and properly managed life through his writings. He also feels that one has to shape life according to one’s basic nature.
In the age of changing values, Life Management based upon Spiritual affinity is a way to happy living and this has been a personal quest and attainment of Shri Anant Vistar. In this context, he has brought out a unique process of meditation.
Shri Anant Vistar was born on 10th Dec, 1978 at Indore, India and presently living in Germany. He is Scientist, Philosopher and Spiritual Leader. He conducted many workshops on Meditation, Stress Management and Personality Development . He discovered many methods to live happy and healthy without medicine. From his early age, he started expressing himself over complicated topics like reality of life, soul, god, birth and death. Shri Anant Vustar was good in studies, sports and has leadership qualities. He has natural interest in Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy and Spirituality. He proposed “Theory of Formation of Particle” at university of Cologne, Germany. He holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering and Science from Jabalpur, University (central India).

Apart from all these, he likes to go to mountains and close to nature for meditation. He originally discovered many methods of meditation. He will explain more than 125 techniques of meditation in his next book “Secretes of Meditation”.
Shri Anant Vistar ji was introduced to the mystic world of spirituality very early in his life and today he is a treasure house of spiritual knowledge.

He left his lucrative job to devote himself to his passion of teaching people about the philosophy of life management through spirituality.

For years he has been training people on various aspects of management like motivation, leadership, team work etc. through his lectures.

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