Shri Anantbodh Chaitanya is founder of Anantbodh Yoga & Namai Pasauliui, všį. Anantbodh Chaitanya’s passion for ancient wisdom and modern science brought together one message for the modern man – live, move and act in Self (Spiritual Excellence) and manifest personal, professional, as well as social excellence.
His simple, logical, intuitive interpretation of ancient wisdom supported by a fundamental understanding of modern science is aimed at Health, Harmony and Happiness; Peace, Prosperity and Success. The age-old wisdom finds a New Paradigm of Living that discovers the Self for living a life beyond stress, sufferings and problems.
A humble family
Born in 1980 in Panipat, his birth name was Satish Kumar. He has always been a guiding spirit. His father Shri Mauji Ram Sharma is very gentle person. His family was very religious, therefore giving him a chance to be near saints and spirituality since early days.  Anantbodh Chaitanya has been a devotee of “Shakti” since he was young.
An ordinary beginning to the infinite journey.
An ordinary beginning in life, together with a passion for understanding the root of everything lead to his development of interest in philosophy and spirituality. He used to run away from his house to the Himalayas, in order to understand and practice meditation with little alms. During his stay in the Himalayas, he discovered that even well-known masters have lived such a material life that a modern man cannot afford to live. The dichotomy of material and spiritual life always baffled him.  This resulted in awakening to integrate both for bringing transformation in life. He experimented first upon himself under the guidance of his master. Later, it converted into simple, easy and effective practices for guiding people who are suffering. Living a material life outside and spiritual life within, he gradually experienced transformation in his life under the spiritual guidance of his master Acharya Mahamandleshwara Nirvana Peethadishwara Brahmlin Swami Shri Vishwadevananda Puri Ji Maharaj. He realized that only an inner awakening could bring about peace, prosperity and success in life. The spiritual foundations of material life bring both science and spirituality together, which is the need of present time. All programs that are developed and practised by thousands of people all around the world aims at evolving human race, managing all sufferings and diseases, and achieving excellence in life.
Living with Great Masters
He has been most fortunate to have met, lived with and received blessings and guidance from some of the most renowned saints and learned scholars i.e. Acharya Mahamandleshwar Nirvana Peethadishwara  Brahmlin Swami Shri Vishwadevananda Puri Ji Maharaj, Parama Virakta Dandi Swami Vishnu Ashram Ji Maharaj, Baba Guru Ji. H. H. Shri 108 Swami Dr Paripurananda Ji Maharaj, Swami Chetananda Puri Ji Maharaj, Mahamandleshwara Swami Veda Bharati Ji Maharaj, Swami Amalanand Ji Maharaj, Swami Shri Sharadanand Ji Maharaj, Swami Shri Sarad Puri Ji Maharaj Yoga Rishi Vishvaketu Ji,  are prominent amongst others. But he could intuitively experience that his life could only be transformed at the feet of one of the ten great masters, a living legend, a great saint Acharya Mahamandleshwar Nirvana Peethadheeshwar Brahmlin Swami Shri Vishwadevanand Puri Ji Maharaj. He dedicated his entire life to his master Brahmlin Swami Shri 108 Vishwadevanand Puri Ji Maharaj, who initiated him into the eternal tradition of Philosophy & Spirituality.
Formal Education.
After completing his schooling in the year 1995 he went on to do his Bachelor of Arts from Kurukshetra University. He acquired formal education in Yoga from ‘AlakhYog’ a Registered School of Hatha Yoga and Nature Care institution under Yoga Alliance International, though his journey in the world of spirituality had begun much before. His deep interest in Yoga and Allied Sciences led him to the study of related subjects and to acquire practical knowledge about their applications. These endeavours include certificate courses in Mudras and Marma therapy from Mrityunjaya Mission, Haridwar.
Study, Contemplation and Understanding
He has done an in-depth study of Yoga, Indian philosophy, Tantra and Psychology in order to understand the aim and purpose of life, its problems and sufferings. An unfailing commitment to the field of spirituality led him to the perusal of informal learning under monks, spiritual masters and philosophers. He studied many scriptures directly under the guidance of his master known as Baba Guru Ji in Narvara, Naraura that includes Astavakra Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Gherand Samhita, Vairagya Sataka, Bhagavad Gita, Paanchdasi, Vrihat Prashthana Try.
Experience & Social Service 
Experience as Teacher, Guide, Motivator, Administrator, Organizer, and Researcher for more than 3 years in various capacities and positions.
Spiritual Counsellor in Shivedale School, Haridwar, affiliated with CBSE.
Stress management and Healthy living through Mudras for Trustee of Satsang Bhawan & Association of Geeta Mandir Market Vyapari Sangh, Bada Bazar, Kolkata, (West Bengal).
Delivered lectures and imparted intensive training in stress management through Mudras to Maltese Citizens in Mosta, Malta (Europe).
Working as a President of Sanatan Dhara Foundation Trust, Panipat, (Haryana).
He has been invited as a prominent speaker in world Hindu summits 2013, Bali, Indonesia.
He is a Motivator and Teacher for the Mudras Therapy Teacher Training Program for Balinese People in Bali, Indonesia.
He delivered Lecture on International Seminar of Ramayana in Jakarta organized by Bank of Indonesia for its 200 employees 2013.
He made a Presentation on Mudras for Stress management at a TV Program in Malta in 2014.
Gave Lectures on Mudras Therapy in Durga Mandir, Bangkok.
He conducted theoretical and practical training in different aspects of Yoga and Mudras therapy for Russian Doctors, a program Sponsored by his Devotees.
He gave a talk on Shakti Tatva to the Thai delegation visiting India at Shri Yantra Mandir, Kankhal, (Haridwar).
He conducted intensive workshops on yoga, meditation and stress management by Mudras for more than 100 soldiers at firing range in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
He delivered lectures on Patanjali yoga with reference to Indian philosophy at Ram Ji Mandir, Navasari, (Gujarat) while doing Chaturmasya Vrata in 2011.
He conducted regular yoga and meditation classes form people from all walks of life.
Spiritual Development in the Material World
He dedicated himself completely to spiritual development, awakening within while working tirelessly for translating his spiritual experiences into logical, rational and scientifically developed programs. He used this work in order to manifest spiritual awakening into personal, professional and social lives thereby bringing integration between ancient and modern wisdom. Yoga and spiritual experiences are intuitive, synthetic, abstract and integrative in nature that points to The Absolute Truth i.e. The Brahman. The scriptures while teaching the ancient wisdom always use supra intellectual statements which are beyond the comprehension of the rational mind. Modern science uses reason, sensual perception and objective experimentation to understand the matter, life and mind. Both originate from the same human being but from different parts of the brain and mind.
Anantbodh Chaitanya always offered himself to people who are suffering for awakening to Love, Energy, Awareness and Peace. He provides the first link between consciousness within and body, life and mind outside through counselling, guidance, practices and programs free from dogma, beliefs, rituals etc.
He has applied his divine knowledge over thousands of people over a period of 10 years in order to develop integral wisdom. The participants in these programs include people from all walks of life such as executives, bureaucrats, diplomats, managers, engineers, students and teachers, housewives, army personnel and the list perhaps is endless. His programs blend matter and self in such a way that every step taken discovers greater reality within and higher achievement outside.
Anantbodh Chaitanya always has a passion for learning. Further, he attracted people from all over the world i.e. USA, UK, Malta, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. by staying connected through online counselling.