I am Anantbodh Chaitanya and I live in Lithuania for the past six years. I am spreading and promoting yoga and Indian culture here. People often ask me about Lithuania. In this article, I am writing about the beauty of Lithuania and practical life. In the last few years, Lithuania has made great progress. Students from all over the world come to study here and many tourists also come to see the natural beauty of Lithuania.

Lithuania is the strongest country in the Baltic region. The population here is approximately 27 lakhs. The language of Lithuania is very similar to the Sanskrit language. Both Lithuanian and Sanskrit are languages of the Indo-European language family. Lithuania fought to keep its culture and language alive. With less than three million people, the people here did not abandon their language. Lithuanian is a very old language.

Christianity also came to Lithuania quite late. The natives here were not the first Christians. They believed in Sanatan. There are still a significant number of pagans living in Lithuania. The tribe called Romuva is still found in Lithuania, which is very similar to the religion of Sanatan.

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, which is very beautiful. Besides the Lithuanian,  English and Russian is spoken and understood here. Most of the youth and children speak English quite well. Only older people who do not practice English can speak Russian and Lithuanian. Kaunas and Klaipeda are also famous in the big cities of Lithuania.  Lithuania shares its borders with Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. You can get to Lithuania. easily from one extreme to the other in 4 hours.

There is no toll tax for common cars in Lithuania. The road is very good and, at a speed of 130 kilometres per hour. Crime rates are substantially lower in Lithuania. People are a little less welcoming but good enough. Pollution is also very low. There are many lakes here with clean water and plenty of swans. You can drink tap water here. There is no noise pollution.

White sheets of snow in winter and lush green fields attract tourists in summer. It is a very clean country generally, you won’t get anything. trash anywhere.

 People here like to eat and drink. Liquor is used in abundance here, but people do not fall on the road or on the street. Vegetarian food is also easily available in almost every city here in restaurants. Fruits are very good here. In any supermarket, you will have a large amount of food available.

There are four seasons in Lithuania. The winter here is quite cold and the temperature is also more than 30 degrees. The rainfall is very heavy here in season, that is why Lithuania is so green. The meaning of “litu” is rain. It seems that is why Lithuania got this name. The spring season here is the most beautiful of them all and very beautiful flowers blooming. Autumn is also worth seeing here. Golden leaves involuntarily fascinate the mind.

The women have good height and beautiful faces. According to nature here, God made the people also beautiful. Here the women wear very beautiful jewellery and clothes, the traditional attire here is also very attractive, many festivals are held here, every year on June 23 the Joninish festival is celebrated here with great respect, all the women and men come together to dance and act shows all night long. In the month of June, the sun is visible for more than 20 hours, which looks very beautiful. Here is the Baltic Sea where amber is very famous. Amber is also called gold here. Klaipeda also has an Amber Museum. There are many famous picturesque places here and the rivers are also very beautiful. The Neris and Nayamunas rivers are famous rivers here. Swans can be seen in abundance here. This country attracts tourists from all over the world, in one year more than two million people came to see the historical heritage of Lithuania.