Is it true that building muscle means decreasing flexibility? Only half is correct.

First, let’s know what flexibility is. many of us confuse muscle stretching with flexibility. It happens that this contains a series of things that the muscles are only a part of.
This is due to the inclusion of a number of factors.
It is widely recognized among them that muscles lose strength. Elongated muscles lose strength. However, if you understand how the body works, you will get strong and elongated muscles at the same time. Olympic gymnastics is a good example of this.

In yoga, there are a number of techniques that can help you develop muscles in a very harmonious way. Involuntary muscles can also be mastered. It helps to get great results in any sport, dance, or fight, and also provides flexibility in joints and muscles. It does this by relieving local tension, increasing awareness of muscle groups and keeping them in the tip for longer.

Regarding your joints, as mentioned above, flexibility includes lengthening of the muscles and flexibility of the joints, as lengthening only works in the area of ​​the muscles. However, if we want good flexibility, we need to increase the flexibility of the joint. Amplitude angle. Consistency for flexibility, remember to consider the details.

Persistence and repeatability If you want to accelerate your progress toward flexibility, you need to look at persistence, not repeatability. A repetitive spindle contraction reflex makes this procedure less effective than staying at the point of maximum flexion and maximum muscle relaxation. So don’t stop, try to keep going and so on until you feel like it’s time to finish. If you find awareness in a certain area of ​​your body, you are conducting significant energy there that increases your temperature in this area, attracts attention, stimulates stagnation and “blood flow”, and thus makes an important contribution to life. tissue and organ regeneration.

Vitality and muscles, as well as the elimination of possible diseases that stimulate the body to distribute energy well and increase flexibility. You don’t need to think about anything. Just find consciousness in this area. reaction. Counter technology tends to immediately add a certain degree of buckling. It involves maximizing flexion; then applying muscle force in the opposite direction to increase flexibility. The direction in which participants will resist.

Pay attention to food. Significantly reducing the salt, cheese and meat content in the diet also goes a long way. Ideally, get rid of salt and meat. Medicines and yoghurt can and should continue to be consumed.