Yogini Anantanitya has been practising Aikido & Yoga since the age of 17 years. She grew up in Russia, where she completed her Masters of psychology at the Pedagogical University of Komsomolsk-On-Amur and spent several years experimenting on human behaviour. After completing her university, she opened an aikido club. She became complete dedicated to Aikido. She visited Japan to her Sensei Tatsunori Imamura also for Aikido study.

In 2006 she started giving aikido training in Kaunas, Lithuania. She worked in Malta for 2 years as a psychologist. Her love for yoga deepened immensely during her visit Bali and India. She learned Yoga philosophy & meditation from a well-known saint of India Brahmalin Swami Amalananda Ji. She completed her 200 hours’ yoga teacher training course in 2013 and 500 hours’ yoga teacher training in 2014 from Alakh Yog India. She studied Yoga & Alternative therapies from various places in India.

Yogini Anantanitya believes that Yoga is a science of transformation. Now a day she is teaching Yoga worldwide. She has many students from Europe, Russia, India and other countries. She is co-founder of Anantbodh Yoga also.

“Meet the Master and get initiation from Him. Surrender thy body and mind to Him and invert within. Thou shalt find the path only through analyzing the self.” -GURU NANAK JI